Foreign Minister Retno will attend the Grand Action to Defend Palestine at Monas Sunday 5 November

Judi Slot King88bet. Jakarta Priest International Events (Menlu) Retno Marsudi will exist at the grand activity to protect in the Nationwide Monolith (Monas) location, Sunday, November 5 2023. King88Bet link Slot

King88bet Live Chat . “It is real, the of International Events tomorrow will exist straight at the peaceful presentation,” said Ministry of International Events (Kemenlu) representative Lalu Muhammad Iqbal in a composed declaration, Saturday (4/11/2023). King88Bet link Slot

King88Bet link Slot. Seen by, this activity is qualified The Grand Activity of the Indonesian People’s Partnership to Protect Palestine. The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), various other spiritual companies (Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian), labor and employee companies, young people companies, universities and various other neighborhoods participated in the activity.

Individuals in the activity to Palestine are expected to wear Palestinian headscarfs, recreate red and white flags and Palestinian flags. However, it’s not allowed to carry the attributes of a political party (parpol). King88Bet link Slot

On the other hand, the authorities will secure the peaceful presentation to protect Palestine which is approximated to be attended by about 3 thousand individuals. King88bet Live Chat

“Basically, the main ranks along with Polda City Jaya prepare to provide security to offer tomorrow’s tasks,” said Main Jakarta City Authorities Chief Commissioner Susatyo Purnomo Condro to reporters in Jakarta, Saturday (4/11/2023).

King88bet Live Chat . Additionally, regarding the variety of masses, Susatyo estimates that there will be 3 thousand individuals associated with the peaceful presentation. However, his party is still exploring the potential for changes in the variety of protesters.

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“We are still investigating. The other day it was about 2 thousand to 3 thousand, recently. Perhaps (tomorrow) it will be basically the same,” said Susatyo. King88bet Live Chat

“We hope that tomorrow’s tasks can run securely and in an organized manner. The messages communicated can also be approved by the community and we ensure that there are not a problem from the beginning throughout of the tasks,” said Susatyo. Judi Slot King88bet

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