Prabowo ensures that Erick Thohir is not included in the winning team

King88bet Slot Terpercaya.  Jakarta Governmental Prospect (Bacapres) Prabowo Subianto has verified that Erick will not be consisted of in the winning group or the Prabowo-Gibran Nationwide Project Group (TKN).

Agen Bola Terpercaya .The factor is because Thohir is the Priest of State-Owned Business (BUMN) and Basic Chair of the Indonesian Football Organization (PSSI). Agen Bola Terpercaya

“I currently said that he is a priest, so perhaps he should not be energetic in winning,” said Prabowo Subianto at the Centuries Resort Sirih Jakarta, Saturday 4 November 2023. King88Bet RTP Live

King88Bet RTP Live . However, the Basic Chair of the Gerindra Party highlighted that Ericka game slot Thohir would certainly still support him in the 2024 Governmental Political election.   Agen Bola Terpercaya

“But we have a declaration before journalism, before everyone, he supports me,” wrapped up Prabowo.vAgen Bola Terpercaya

Formerly, Protection Priest Prabowo Subianto and BUMN Priest Erick Thohir met at a luncheon at completion of October 2023. Erick welcomed Prabowo to his house for a luncheon with his extended family.

After the interior banquet, Prabowo revealed his affection for Erick. Prabowo said that everything held by Erick could ready.

“What he holds is so great, consisting of football,” Prabowo applauded before the media team, Tuesday (31/10/2023).


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A Very Significant Number
Prabowo said Erick’s number was very significant. Inning accordance with him, Erick is a difficult employee that goes after success in a stylish way.

“(Erick Thohir) means a great deal to me. Because I understand, Mr. Erick is a difficult employee. “An individual that believes much in advance, is an implementer, goes after efficiency, success and is cool-handed,” included Prabowo. King88bet Slot Terpercaya

Erick and Prabowo confessed together that they didn’t discuss major and hefty issues at the shut luncheon. However, Erick Thohir’s child communicated a message about the economic climate to Prabowo as a governmental prospect in the 2024 political elections.

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